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Unloaded workflow does not resume and complete


I am running through the Correlated Send/Receive Workflow example included in Neuron.

In the example, I am able to complete the workflow by sending the correct orderId from the OrderResponder test client. (see screenshot attachment)

However, if I wait longer than the ReceiveMessage timeout (1 minute) that is defined in the OrderWorkflow, my workflow stays unloaded and is never resumed and completed. (see screenshot attachment).

I noticed that in my event log I get an eror about error deleting files in c:\windows\temp (see attachment). Not sure if that is relevant.

Please advise how I can get the workflow to resume and complete.

I am using Neuron ESB

we've actually fixed quite a few workflow bugs in the last year.  Please make sure you are using the latest build of 3.5.4 for your sample.  if you still see the issue, please let us know and we'll resolve.  you can find the latest 3.5.4 in the download section of this portal. The version of 3.5.4 you are using is almost 2 years out of date

It didn't work. I upgraded to and now I my workflow instances stays unloaded no matter what where, before, at least it changed to Complete if I send a response back before Timeout threshold.

when you upgraded....

create a new database using the new neuron esb explorer.

Nope. Same behavior. :/

my guess than is that whatever message you're sending in to correlate...the correlation set isn't setup properly .   I'll send you an invite so we can do a screen share and you can show me exactly what you're doing

can you make sure you empty your temp directory....try again.  you can also send us the workflow endpoint log file.   default location of all log files are here: C:\Program Files\Neudesic\Neuron ESB v3\logs

you only have one instance of this workflow running in an unloaded state, correct?

a) I have three unloaded workflow instances

b) I cleared my c:\windows\temp folder

c) I have attached my log directory (in zip format)


by the way.....we may have found the issue.  We're looking at this now

Were you able to find the solution?

hi there.  should have something for you tomorrow

ok...just tested the latest 3.5.4 build with the correlated send and receive sample we ship with it.  We modified correalation recently so that workflows no longer accept messages on topics or sub topics which they weren't originally configured for. make this work, just modify the existing OrderResponder publisher to allow it to also send on the Orders topic like in the screen shot below.  then instead of sending your correlated messages to the Orders.In sub topic, send them to the Orders topic.

Great. It worked. Thanks for the help!

no worries.  appreciate you bringing this to our attention!

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